Itinerary Tour 1

A spectacular view is waiting.for you! Hike through the.unique Baobab Avenue, whose.trees rise up to 30m, or admire.the impressive limestone.rock formations of the Tsingy.of Bemaraha. Numerous.animals have found a protected.habitat in this UNESCO World.Natural Heritage Site..

1. Day: Arrival in Antananarivo

On arrival at the international airport of Ivato you‘ll be greeted by your friendly local guide. Proceed and check in to your conveniently located Hotel. Once there, you can recover from the long flight and relax your feet before continuing the next day with a refreshing breakfast.

2. Day: Flight to Morondava


After a pleasurable breakfast, you‘ll be taken to the airport where you take the next flight towards Morondova. Once there, you have the opportunity to explore the quaint little town. Morondova is located on the west coast and next to the „Strait of Mozambique.“ The region also belongs to the Sakalava tribe. After a short exploration tour, you‘ll move into your exclusive seaside hotel. You can relax and end up the day by jumping into the turquoise water and start the next morning with an enjoyable breakfast.

3. Day: Morondava – Bekopaka


In the morning we take the off-road vehicle to the small fishing village Belo sur Tsiribihina. Here we start with a culinary lunch that is second to none. In the small local restaurant „Mad -Zebu,“ the two owners, Onja and Sariaka, serve all kinds of delicacies. Delicious fish fillets with spicy vegetables, grilled zebu steaks in facon du chef with fried potatoes, medaillons de gambas with green pepper sauce make this day a delightful experience.


After an espresso, the adventure ride continues. With the off-road vehicle, we go on the red runway to Bekopaka. At dawn, we have the opportunity to take a little walk along the side of the road to admire the nocturnal and small fauna of this area. You‘ll be transferred to the hotel, where you can end up the day by relaxing.

4. Day: Bekopaka - Tsingys von Bemaraha 17km


After a hearty breakfast, we take the the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park -.a unique and impressive natural landscape.of limestone pinnacles, declared a UNESCO.World Heritage Site in 1990. The Tsingy de.Bemaraha National Park covers approximately.15,200 ha in western Madagascar and is.home to unique flora and fauna that is found.nowhere else in the world. The fascinating.landscape and rock formation called „Tsingy“;.can be translated as „Where you can.only walk with tiptoes.“ The Tsingy consist.of countless stone peaks that sometimes an impressive height of 40 meters. They.owe their razor-sharp optics to the tides and.erosion they have formed over the millennia..The park is also populated by a large number.of animals. A total of 13 different species of.lemurs, such as the snow-white Deckeni Sifaka.or the Wieselmaki, have found their This lush, green vegetation is also 66 reptiles, 22 amphibia, almost 100 birds.and 15 bat species. This visit guarantees you.a wealth of sensory impressions that you have.never experienced before - be curious! In the.evening we stop at the local hotel. You the experiences of the day by a glass.of wine before you starting the next day with.a delicious breakfast..

5. Day: Hike in the Tsingy 

After breakfast, we start with a 2- to 3-hour.hike in the small Tsingys at the edge of the.Manambolo River. Between gorges and rocky.heights, we learn something about the „Vazimbas,“.the original inhabitants of the island.of Madagascar, who used this place as a.refuge and residence. The rest of the day is at.your free disposal. Whether you are exploratory tour through the small village.of Bekopaka or opting for a pleasurable at the hotel - there are many ways to.relax!.

6.Day: Bekopaka - Kirindy

Early in the morning, we start the Beroboka Kirindy. Past the dry forests of.Kirindy, we can once again admire the unique.vegetation. And there‘s a lot to see here. The.dry forest covers a total area of no less than.12,500 ha. Besides, there is still a lot to discover.when we pass the villages and towns, especially to mention: Beroboka, Mandroatse,.and Ankaraobato. In the evening, we take a.night hike in the reserve of Kirindys to observe.the rare and fascinating animal world. The.overnight stay takes place in a simple tent in.the reserve, where you can end up the day by.relaxing under the starry sky of Madagascar..


7.Tag: Kirindy Reservat - Morondava


The day starts with a delicious breakfast in.the reserve and an exciting tour. The Kirindy.Forest is home to eight lemur species,.about 40 bird species, 50 reptile species, and.15 amphibian species. It is managed by the.„Centre National de Formation et d‘Etudes Recherche en Environnement Forestier,“.which emerged from a cooperation with the.Natural Science Department Antananarivo‘s.and the German Primate Centre in Göttingen..In this unique reserve, you also have the.opportunity to experience the only predator.Madagascar in the wild. In the afternoon on.the way back to Morondava, another highlight.awaits the visitor - the worldwide unique.Baobab Avenue. Arrived in Morondava, you‘ll.move into your exclusive seaside hotel. You.can relax and end up the day by walking.along the beautiful beach..


8. Tag: Morondava – Antananarivo


You start the penultimate day of your extraordinary.journey with a culinary breakfast. The.morning is at your free disposal, so you can.decide whether you want to sunbathe or explore.the surrounding area before returning to.Antananarivo. Once there, you can spend the.last evening with an amazing dinner. The next.morning, after a delicious breakfast, you‘ll.take the return flight way back home..


Services included:

  • Accomodation in hotels/lodges according
  • to program
  • Sightseeings and excursions according to programme
  • All transfers, car rides with 4WD
  • English-speaking driver guide
  • Local guides for the national parks and reserves


Not included:

  • Scheduled flights from/to Europe
  • Domestic flights
  • All airport fees and taxes
  • Travel cancellation/travel health insurance
  • Tips/Costs for personal needs
  • Additional leisure activities
  • Visa fee costs: 35€